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  • Corporate events and dinners

  • Square events

  • Cultural events

  • Private events

  • Promotional events

  • Wedding events

  • Engagement, celibacy, bachelorette events

  • Anniversary events

  • Divorce events

Since 2007 events with class and organization ...


The list of services


*   Fortuneteller / tarot / Birth chart

* Dancer in dynamic ball and led lights 

* Circus juggling, clowns, waders

* Contortion show

* Show giant bright butterflies wading birds

* Living tables, Champagne tower, costumed characters

* Rental of cotton candy cart, popcorn, balloons

* Puppet Theater Show

​ * Cosplay Heroes 

* Rental of audio and lighting systems with service

* Stage rental 6 meters x 8 meters

* Professional led lighting for parks and villas

* Dancing water fountains with lights, fire, water screen projections 

* Bar corner rental (bartender) with staff and acrobatic cocktail option 

* Corner with homemade chocolate first fruits and tasting of special matched liqueurs 

* Ice cream / slush / icicles cart rental 

* Trip / cruise on Lake Garda on a vintage sailing ship

* Chamber orchestra up to 40 players

* Dog sitter

* Ice sculptures

* Inflatable rental

* Magician for children and adults

* Magician with animals, exotic birds and others

* Set-up in location an art exhibition is set up

* Brass concert

* Ballet, country and Hip Hop dance show

* Jazz - swing - instrumental and vocal concert

* Pianist with poetry

* Music (religious and civil ceremony) any option, opera soloists, choir, instrumentalists

(from instrumental duo to orchestra of 35 people)
* Music; any genre from single artist onwards up to big band of 15 people
* Music (Deejay) with lights and karaoke, with customization of the playlist
* Music (opera show in the restaurant)

* Music (Band lookalike and tribute)
* Oriental dance show 
* Theathral show

* Musicians and flag-wavers in costume 

* Majorettes

* Affiliated locations (period villas, modern villas, gardens and restaurants)

* Rental of marquees / tensile structures / chemical toilets etc ..

* Rental of furniture, chairs, tables, etc.
* Set-ups, balloons, and sets
* Catering: local / bio / vegetarian / vegan products

* Florist
* Professional make-up artist also at home 
* Massager at home / relax 
* Getting married in a particular church outside the parish (we will help you in the management  )
* Wedding cakes (Cake designer) for Verona with assorted showroom to see them in person
* Rental / vintage cars / limousines / carriages, helicopter, gondola, speed boats, ferries

* Professional car rental: it shoots smoke / bubbles / snow foam

* Fireworks display
* Portraitist (from photos for original gifts)
* Caricaturist (at the wedding among the guests)  

* Interactive Quizzone with questions and photos about the bride and groom
* Hot air balloon rental
* Wedding couple in parachute
* Newlyweds in paragliding
* Personalized sugared almond buffet

* Photographic services
* Video / editing services
* Launch of the white doves to your yes
* Company of comedians
* Company fire show
* Clown



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